Gregael: God of Vengeance and Earth. Legend states that the ring of volcanoes was created by him after chasing a mortal who spited him. Brother of Kamon.

Kamon: God of Warriors and Honor. Gatekeeper of the Mortal Realm. Tasked with guarding the seas of the mortal realm on his great ship. He takes his position seriously and will quickly show his wrath on any trespassers. Husband of Shana. Father of Ran. Brother of Gregael.

Shana: Goddess of the Moon, Justice, and Death. Gatekeeper to the Stars. It is she who passes judgement on the deceased and places them among the stars. Wife of Kamon. Mother of Ran. Sister of Diata.

Ran: Goddess of Love. Daughter of Kamon and Shana.

Theus: God of Wisdom, Solitude, Study.Lived among the rest of the gods until falling in love with Ran. He came to the mortal realm from Beyond the Horizon to focus his attention on his work believing his love of her was blinding him and compromising his objectivity.

Diata: Goddess of Fertility, Growth. It is she who carries the Sun across the sky healing the scarred land and helping life. Sister of Shana.

Kamui: God. Worshiped by several bush tribes in the north. Bears are worshiped as his children and he usually takes the appearance of a great bear.

Kaiden: God of Hunters, Adventurers and Good Fortune. Associated with the glory of the hunt and trophies. A Boisterous, good natured and competitive god.

Vulth: God of Invention and Fire, Is said to spend his time in the mortal realm under the dwarven strongholds


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