El Dorrad Empire

The precursor to the El Dorrad Empire was a coalition of loyalist elven clans that fought for the gods during the Dragon Wars. Over the course of the war these elves would gain a sense of collective identity; particularly during the Battle of Tarrik, which was the first battle major battle the elves participated in outside of their homeland of Korrium.

After the Dragon War the Gods favoured the elves who worked with them. Uniting the clans and calling themselves high elves, they took over most of the northern continent, renaming their lands the El Dorrad Empire after Dorrad the Vanquisher, hero and first emperor. The High elves kicked out most of the Wood elves, the ones who didn’t follow the gods into battle, from the continent. The capital of the empire is El Dorradium with the Emperor residing at the palace city of Dorrad Keep.

The Pamfis and Brammus mountain range are what keep out the various tribes and nomadic clans that wander the northern waste with the 2 main passes always guarded. The Tribes of the Northern waste worship spirits and Nature Forces rather than the gods themselves. The Great spirit Kamui is among the most well known. The population of El Dorrad Empire on the other hand worship their living Emperor and the ones that have come before them as well as the rest of the Pantheon.

The population consists of about 40% High Elves, 25% humans, 20% gnomes, and 15% various other races. It has almost no Dragonborn or Wood elves though. The military used to be dominated by the high elves but recently has been more and more filled with humans and other races allowing the High elves “a more civilized path.”

The Empire has large tracts of farmland for crops and a large coastline for fishing, The Empire does a lot of trade with the Kingdoms and Fiefdoms of Daelropa They also trade with the Southern Isles but mostly through Daelropa or the island nation Mari.

The High Elves are militant and intelligent. The people mostly work unless they are celebrating some of the many holidays or attending a game or festival. They have started to claim territory on Northern Daelropa.

El Dorrad Empire

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