Battle of Tarrak


The Battle of Tarrak was a siege that took place during the Dragon Wars, between a coalition of Elven clans fighting on behalf of the Gods, and an army of Dragonborn holding the fortress-city of Tarrak on behalf of their dragon overlords. The conflict lasted a decade, and would ultimately unite the Elven clans which would become the El Dorrad Empire after the Dragon Wars. Its a battle that is of particular historic and cultural importance to the High Elves, who often use the event as inspiration for plays, paintings, poems, and music.

Causes of the Battle

The fortress-city of Tarrak was situated in the western part of modern-day North Daelropa, and was siege’d for its strategic position overlooking the Korrium strait into Korrium. It blocked the gods efforts to retake the North Daelropian peninsula, and so in the 164th year of the Dragon War, the god Kaman ordered the loyal Elf chiefs to organize and take Tarrak. A coalition of some 29 clans formed, and in DW165 a fleet set sail from what is now Yorrum, to the area which is currently El Gaff.

Elf Forces

Initially, the Elf fleet numbered approximately 1,100 ships, carrying 132,000 Elves. The coalition selected King Arrak of Dorrum to act as commander-in-chief of the Elf forces. King Arrak made a name for himself during the Dragon War for his aggressive tactics, and was widely recognized among the Elves for his ability to lead armies.

Notable Individuals

Dragonborn Defenders

Tarrik garrisoned approximately 115,000 Dragonborn. Given Tarrik’s importance to the defense of the peninsula, it was heavy fortified and well supplied. Its forces were lead by High Commander Krell, who was given the position by the dragon Tarragona for his acts of heroism during the Dragon War, and his vast experience in leadership.

Battle of Tarrak

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