Working for the Baron


Ramas' Adventure Log, Session 1

O mighty Tharizdun, I pray that you hear this humble mortal’s words.

All goes well! Today the baron gave me an assignment: killing goblins. I think they kidnapped somebody important, and there was something about a catapult. Anyway, the important thing is I met a group of wonderful people, blinded by the high elves but ripe for conversion. Soon your worshippers will swell in number again – someday we may even have ten or twenty.

My power grows daily thanks to you, great Tharizdun. The other warriors are a skillful bunch, but I know I impressed them with my endless blasts of eldritch energy, for which I thank you every day. No goblin, nor the fierce spiders they have captured as mounts, dared to touch me – but there are many more to be killed, and whosoever lands the first blow against me shall be struck down in your name! My blood tingles at the thought. Not only this, but I have used the goblins’ own magic to call a being from another realm to slay them. The killing to come will be swift and beautiful.

Tharizdun, my master, I must end this communion and return to my companions. All praises be to you, and I seek the day you will be freed at last.



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